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Here are some links to our associated clubs and also some of our advertisers.
Austin Healey Owners Clubs within Australia:
Austin Healey Clubs Overseas:
Austin Healey Club of Belguim -
Austin Healey Club North America -



Frederique Constant  -
NRMA Insurance -
Craig Wall & Sons Pty Ltd
Cummins Classic Cars  -
The Healey Hardtop Company - contact Michael O'Malley
The Classic Connection - contact John Dowsett
Sue's Transport Books - enquiries SUES-TRANSPORT-BOOKS.COM.AU
Kilmartin Automotive Sheetmetal Pty Ltd - phone 03 5335 6940  -
Hoosier Tire Australia -  (Sydney) or (Melbourne)
Platinum Smash Repairs - contact @
Lumley Special Vehicle Insurance - or 133 578
Marsh Classic Restorations  - contact Steve Pike
Boulevarde Real Estate Mortlake - contact
The Healey Factory -
Denis Welch -

Other Links:

Superclassics -

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