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June 2016 Oasis Run to Gosford Car Museum

July Mid Week Run to Awaba House Central Coast NSW

Wednesday 20th July dawned with the predicted quite heavy rain… necessitating a quick switch from the various earlier BJ (whatever) models to a complete roll up of BJ9’s wending their way up to the Awaba House venue, which true to form provided good food to be enjoyed during a social outing between good healey friends. A total of 14 sat down to the table… all featured in the photos attached.

A visit to the adjacent art gallery by Pamela and Margaret proved mystifying…. As neither of them could understand either some of the art – or the signage accompanying!

Note the only BJ8 attending (a lapel pin attached to Ross Penman's shirt) see photo 4 below

Mid Week Run to Warragamba Dam Aug 2016

("5 Healeys & a Henry")

The bright and sunny August winters’ day encouraged eighteen AHOC members (plus one visitor) to enjoy a mid-week drive to the iconic Warragamba Dam, which is located in South West Sydney 65 kms from the CBD. After a bit of a challenge for some of the drivers in finding the correct entrance to the Dam facility, 5 Healeys (a BJ7, BT7, 2 x BJ8s and BN1), 1 classic car (Mustang) and 3 town cars found their way to the impressive Visitors Centre, which is located adjacent to the Dam Wall. After admiring the massive construction of the dam and learning more about the collection of Sydney’s water supply through the interactive exhibits in the Visitors Centre, AHOC members enjoyed a picnic lunch in the pleasant picnic grounds surrounding the dam. It was great to hear the burble of the Healeys as they started on their drive homewards - with the tops down and hair flying in the wind!

Participants in the run included: Ray and Muriel Roberts, Pamela and Doug Ross, Patricia and Tony Bancroft, Alan and Vicki Mitchell, Anne and Don Read, John and Kate Burch, Chris Fitzpatrick, Peter Burg-Lopez, Barbara and Brian Cole, Margaret and Geoff Smith and visitor Carmen Lee.

Mid Week September

Run Riverboat Postman


Overcast and rainy skies didn’t deter the 23 AHOC members (and one visitor) from enjoying a delightful 3 and a bit hour Riverboat Postman cruise on the Hawkesbury River.  While cruising the river, we enjoyed watching crew members deliver the mail and other daily essentials to the isolated river communities of Marlow Creek, Milson Island, Milson’s Passage, Bar Point, Fishermans Point and Dangar Island - all the while being treated to lots of anecdotes, local history and “tall stories” by the skipper along the way. 

Due to the inclement weather, only Darryl and Cheryl Dobe turned up in their Healey on the day. And so, of course, this necessitated a resounding cheer from other Healey Club members as the Dobes took off homeward bound in the rain….

Participants in the run included: Ray and Muriel Roberts, Chris and Dina Dimmock, Margaret and Geoff Smith, Leonie Smith (visitor), Pamela and Doug Ross, Rod Richards, Joe and Lenore Armour, Darryl and Cheryl Dobe, John and Judy Sherman, Colin and Delwyn Goldsmith, Louise and Gordon Lynas, Ross Penman, Lyn and Dick Bray, and Eric Rudd.

Mid Week Run October

Settlers Arms  St Albans

A “picture postcard” summery Spring day encouraged sixteen AHOC members (and two visitors) to enjoy the October mid-week drive to the historic Settlers Arm Inn at St Albans.  The beautiful weather saw seven Healeys on the road, with three town cars making up the remainder of the group.

Routes to the Inn varied, with some AHOC members driving straight to the destination while a small group of others met up at the Corrugated Café at Peats Ridge for morning coffee before proceeding on to the very scenic drive along the Hawkesbury and Macdonald Rivers to the Inn. During the course of the drive, some of the Healeys successfully navigated a couple of ferry crossings, while other members bravely took their Healeys along the 20kms or so of unsealed road. 

The Inn certainly has a lot of history, as seen in the attached photos of the bar and the Inn’s old delivery truck (complete with hessian sacks for seat covers).

Drinks and lunch were shared by all (including the Inn’s resident chickens and peacock), with lots of conversation and laughter among everyone.  There was also a lot of interest and admiration of the recent update of Alan Whitehouse’s BJ7’s soft top and grille (as featured in the October Issue of the Flat Chat Magazine).

A great day was had by all!

AHOC members in the run included: Ray and Muriel Roberts, Pamela and Doug Ross, Rod Richards, Delwyn and Colin Goldsmith, Gordon and Louise Lynas, Jim Phillips, Don and Margo Hardie, Peter Burg-Lopez, Alan Whitehouse and Margaret and Geoff Smith.


Our last mid week drive for 2016 saw eleven AHOC members and two visitors meet together for morning coffee at the Corrugated Café at Peats Ridge.  Following this light refreshment, the group then set off on a scenic drive through winding country and the townships of Kulnura, Yarramalong and Wyee.  This area is famous for horse riding, and so we were treated to stunning vistas of rolling hills, farms and horses grazing under large shade trees.

On reaching our destination at the Swansea RSL Club we were met by an additional three Newcastle based AHOC members. As the Club is located on the Swansea Channel (where Lake Macquarie joins the Pacific Ocean), we enjoyed watching the opening of the road bridge to allow some tall masted yachts to pass through.

The beautiful weather saw four Healeys and one classic MG on the road, with three town cars making up the remainder of the group.  Once again, all cars “behaved beautifully”, helping to ensure that a great day was had by all.

AHOC members in the run included: Pamela and Doug Ross, Delwyn and Colin Goldsmith, Jim Phillips, Helen and Larry Johns, Kathryn and Ian Roughley, Ross Penman, Jeff Newey, and Margaret and Geoff Smith. Although Greg Denning was unable to join us for the whole day, he decided to bring his Healey out for a shorter run and so joined us for the morning tea segment only.

As the mid week runs which we have hosted in 2016 have been very successful, we are seeking your suggestions and ideas for drives for next year.  

Margaret and Geoff Smith and Pamela and Doug Ross 

Club Member's Cars

Warwick & Jennifer Sell's Healey Elliott

Patrick & Caroline Quinn's 1948 Healey Duncan Sports Saloon

Patrick & Caroline Quinn's 100 BN3/1 Six Cylinder Prototype

Warwick & Jennifer Sell's Silverstone

Club Member's Cars

Barry & Karyn Birchs 100/6

Stephen Clarks 3000
Chris Dimmocks 3000
Stuart & Diana McColls 3000

Club Member's Cars

Christine Lyttle's 3000
John & Carolyn Kents 3000
Rob Warrens 3000
Neville & Jan Stirtons 3000