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Conditional Registration for members of the AHOC NSW Inc.

(Also referred to as Club Rego, the Historic Conditional Scheme (HCRS), or the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)) The AHOC is a member of the CMC, and as such, our members can avail themselves of conditional registration for their complying vehicles, under the Clubs banner.

Contact Patrick Quinn for all your Conditional Registration requirements.

Under the new HVS (Historic Vehicle Scheme) vehicles are permitted to have ‚Äúperiod options and accessories"  which are defined and accepted at the discretion of the Club. In order to comply with this requirement, the 2017 AHOC NSW committee has produced the following PDF document to define what are genuine "period options and accessories" accepted by AHOC NSW for Conditional registration requirements under the scheme:

AHOC NSW Conditional Rego Accepted Period Options Accessories

Also see the RMS VSI Number 6 covers Light Vehicle Modifications definitions:

RMS VSI No. 6 Light Vehicle Modifications PUBLISHED 8 NOVEMBER 2013