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2019 Trophy Winners

Concours and Display Day

People‚Äôs Choice                      Vince & Natalie Cessario        3000 Mk3 BJ8

100                                          George and Liz Goodare        100 BN2

100/6                                       Jim Phillips                              100/6 BN4

3000 Mk1                                Richard Horwood                    3000 Mk1 BT7

3000 Mk2 Roadster                David & Shirley Mould            3000 Mk2 BN7

3000 Mk2 BJ Convertible       Ken Offord                              3000 Mk2 BJ Convertible

3000 Mk3                                Vince & Natalie Cessario        3000 Mk3 BJ8

Modified                                  Chris and Dina Dimmock       3000 Mk3 BJ8

Miscellaneous                         Peter and Jelly Van Dyk         Jensen-Healey



Fastest 100                             Chris Komor

Fastest 3000                           Cameron Sell

Ross Bond Trophy                  Colin Goldsmith


 Club Champion                   Ross Penman

Lady Club Champion           Jenny Penman

Scribe of the Year                Ron Strange

Hard Luck Trophy               (To be advised)

Club Person                        Alan Jones Memorial Trophy             (To be advised)

Neville & Jan Stirtons 3000